The Pan-Arab American Biomedical Research Association (PABRA) is a non-profit organization established in June, 2020 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. PABRA seeks to encourage co-operation and collaboration between overseas Arab researchers in the United States and other world countries and their counterparts at their homelands in different Arab countries. To achieve this target, the organization plans to launch many projects. One of its very first projects is to establish the Arab Clinical Trials Registry. In the near future, PABRA hopes to be ready to launch its first journal; The Pan-Arab Journal of Experimental and Clinical Studies. The association allows membership for individuals and organizations from all over the world.
The idea behind the Pan-Arab American Biomedical Research Association (PABRA) came to light in very hard times. The whole world continued to struggle against the unprecedented covid-19 threat. The unique features of the pandemic exposed the limitations of healthcare systems and policies. In spite of the loss, grief and devastation caused by crisis, we can see many lessons to learn if we want to avoid similar situations in the future. Among the very first lessons is the well-known wisdom: science should lead. For decades, warnings against an upcoming epidemic were neglected and priorities of scientific research were bizarrely determined. Empowering strong, well-organized and independent scientific institutions is the cornerstone of reality-based and effective scientific community.
Another important lesson is another fact. We live in one world with similar interests and similar threats. In a world based on open economy, safety of some can only be guaranteed by safety of all. Establishment of capable scientific organizations and encouraging research collaboration all over the world can improve the research outcome and reduce its costs. It’s one world, one science and one health. Unfortunately, the biomedical research output in the Arab World is far from reaching its potential in spite of some improvement in the recent years. It’s clear that extensive efforts are needed to boost biomedical research in the region.
PABRA aims to improve the biomedical research environment in the Arab World. We think this can be achieved through multiple approaches including:

  1. Providing missing biomedical research tools that can help researchers to present their work at the international level.
  2. Encouraging research collaboration among Arab researchers in different Arab countries and between them and their counterparts in the United States and other countries
  3. Enhancing appropriate planning of the biomedical research agenda in the Arab World.
    PABRA invites all Arab biomedical researchers to contribute to its projects and plans.

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