Tell Your Tale of the Two Worlds

The term “The Third World” was traditionally used in the cold war era to describe a wide range of countries in Africa, Asia, and to some extent, Latin America that doesn’t belong to the “First”/Western World or the “Second”/Eastern World. By 1989, the Soviet Union collapsed, and the so-called Second World dramatically dissolved. Countries under the red umbrella fell into apocalyptic political and economic consequences. The newly formed unipolar world has witnessed unprecedented changes in world history.
The revolutionary innovations in communication technology have galvanized the geopolitical changes, and the ultimate result is what all of us can see in the economy, technology, and science. The overwhelming achievements in all scientific fields in the globalized world exposed the wide gap between the developed Western World and other world regions. One of the most drastic consequences of this gap is the continuous and massive immigration of scientists and experts to the West. If you are an immigrant biomedical scientist, how do you describe the tale of the two worlds from your point of view? Please write to us.

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