Internet of Things (IoT) in Biomedical Research

Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new technological concept that connects “Things” to the internet, thus enabling better access and connectivity of electronic devices. This concept has unlimited applications both in biomedical research and clinical practice. The Medical Internet of Things (MIoT) has gained increasing ground in the past few years. Dramatic progress has been achieved in establishing the hardware and software infrastructure required for a well-functioning technology. In the heart of this infrastructure lie wearable devices (Haghi et al., 2017). Interestingly, MIoT proved to be helpful in Covid-19 epidemic management. It was useful for patients, physicians, and hospital management systems (Singh et al., 2020).
However, it should be noted that MIoT remains a concept in continuous evolution. Many terms need to be more specific to unify the understanding of the published literature (Sadoughi et al., 2020). One of the major concerns is patients’ privacy. Patients need to be assured that there are sufficient safeguards that can keep their privacy while maintaining their function of collecting, transmission and sharing data (Alkhatib et al., 2018).
It is interesting to learn how biomedical researchers in low-resource settings could have an advantage from MIoT.

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